services & pricing

Cooking Journeys is a “fee plus” personal chef service. This means that all prices are based on a flat per-session fee, plus the cost of groceries. This allows us to tailor your menu options to perfectly suit your tastes and budget, regardless of whether you prefer lobster and foie gras or are a confirmed veggie-lasagna addict. There is never any “mark-up” on the food — you pay exactly what I pay.

Because each client’s needs are different, the best approach is for us to meet for a free, no obligation consultation where I can determine your wants and needs. I will then work with you to design a schedule and service that works for you, whether you are a busy urban single, a couple with no time to cook or a family of four or more. The price per meal is comparable to what you might pay in a restaurant. However, no restaurant can match the personalized service, customized menus or convenience I offer. Plus, all prices include:

  1. Menu and meal planning
  2. Grocery shopping
  3. Meal preparation and cooking
  4. Packaging and labeling
  5. Detailed serving/heating instructions

Traditional service

  • 5×4 — Four servings each of five entrees + side dishes (20 Meals) = dinner for a family of four for a week, a couple for 2 weeks or a single for a month — $550 plus the cost of groceries*
  • 4×4 — Four servings each of four entrees + side dishes (16 Meals) = dinner for a family of four, 4 days a week, a couple for 2 weeks or a single for a month — $500 plus the cost of groceries*
  • 5×2 — Two servings each of five entrees + side dishes (10 Meals) = dinner for a couple for 1 week or one person for 2 weeks — $500 plus the cost of groceries*
  • 3×4 – Four servings each of three entrees + side dishes (12 Meals) = ready-to-serve meals for singles, couples or a family to enjoy any time — $475 plus the cost of groceries*

Precooked protein portions are typically six to eight ounces each. Each entree includes a generous, tasty and appropriate side dish. Weekly bread selection and fresh soups, salads and desserts are also available upon request.

Fresh always – weekly service

If you prefer to avoid the freezer entirely, you can book two cooking dates each week and enjoy always-fresh meals at a reduced per-session rate. I can even leave a warm meal waiting in the oven for you on the days I cook. Plus, you’ll never again have to worry about thawing, defrosting or setting anything out the night before. Contact us for more details or to discuss your needs.

Just the entrées, ma’am

For those who don’t need help with the side dishes, my “entrées only” service can stock your fridge or freezer with anywhere from a week’s to a month’s worth of entrées, so you’ll always have them on hand when you need them. Contact us for more information or a firm price based on what you are looking for.

Savvy singles!

If you’re a swinging single, and you have a friend, relative or neighbour living close by who has similar tastes to yours, why not consider sharing a service? You’ll both enjoy the comfort and convenience of a personal chef, at half the cost! Contact us for a free assessment.

“Stork Express” Gift Certificates for new moms (and dads!)

If your best friend, significant other – or you! – are expecting a baby, give them the gift of time! Contact us to find out more or visit the Gift Certificates section of our website.

Cooking classes and demonstrations

Want to sharpen your cooking skills, learn a few new recipes, find out how to reinvent your cooking to address any dietary concerns or sensitivities in your family (gluten-free, lactose, vegan, etc), or just try a fun new experience for yourself and a few friends? Ask us about our customized cooking classes and demos, available both one-on-one or for up to six people.

Special occasions

For my regular clients, I am also happy to offer special occasion service for small dinner parties or family events. Let me personally serve your guests, or take all the credit for yourself….

*Service available within Vancouver proper only. All prices exclusive of GST. Prices are subject to change. Please contact Cooking Journeys to book a no-obligation assessment or to obtain the latest pricing structure.